Odin's Wolves by Giles Kristian

Odin's Wolves

By Giles Kristian


Odin's Wolves by historic novalist Giles Kristian
Signed copy of Odin's Wolves by Giles Kristian
First Edition Odin's Wolves by Giles Kristian



We lusted for an even greater prize: one that can never be lost or stolen or burnt...


Raven and his fellow Vikings have suffered. Good men have died. Hard-won treasure has been lost. But for these Norsemen, there is something more precious than gold or silver, and that is fame - for this is what a warrior leaves behind when he has breathed his last.


And so the brotherhood sail for Constantinople, the city they call Miklagard. There, it is rumoured, both riches and glory are to be found, but the journey takes them through unknown and dangerous waters - from the wind-whipped marshes of the Camargue to the treachery and faded glory of a once-mighty Rome.


For Raven and the Wolfpack there is a high price to pay for the fame they seek. Miklagard's streets may seem paved with gold, but they also run with blood . . .


A brilliant, brutal new chapter in the story of Raven, this is historical fiction at its most authentic and exciting.




"A great tale which held me spellbound" (BERNARD CORNWELL)

"A masterly achievement, full of blood-drenched battle scenes, yet with tender moments too. Kristian evokes the warriors' stubborn camaraderie and their own strange code" (DAILY EXPRESS)

"This is a storming, magnificent end to what has been one of the best Viking series of all time. Authentic, bloody, visceral... this is tale-telling at its rip-roaring best" (MANDA SCOTT)

"Kristian can really write... his battle scenes are bone crunchingly good, his descriptions of the Viking world bright and evocative... a great storyteller" (BEN KANE, author of The Forgotten Legion)

"An all-action adventure... beautifully told" (SUNDAY EXPRESS)