LANCELOT Page Proofs

I've almost finished going through the page proofs and making a few notes here and there. At this stage one has to resist being too critical and wanting to change too much. You’re just over familiar with it (it’ll be fresh & brand new to the reader). Plus, on any given day you’d write it differently anyway. Furthermore, and this is worth bearing in mind, the typesetter will be somewhat miffed if you disrupt this beautifully set text too much. :) Nevertheless, one can't help but change a word here or add a little something there. It's a nerve-wracking thing, the prospect of releasing your precious story into the big, bad world. 

And yet it's always exciting when you receive the typeset page proofs. It's when your story at last looks like a real book. The next stage will be the book proofs, which are more simply produced pre-publications (often in paperback form) of the work meant for review by authors, editors, reviewers and proofreaders. These often still have errors and are the last chance we get to make any changes before the real book goes live. They also give the book an opportunity to start generating a little buzz ahead of the big publication day. With any luck!

I just love the hawk title art. A classy touch and the next tattoo, perhaps? 

I'll post a pic of the book proofs (or ARCs as they call them in the USA) when they land. 



Giles Kristian