Children's picture book

I often marvel at the power of children’s imaginations. I have two kids of my own and they’re always making me laugh with their brilliantly wonderful ideas. I also get somewhat bored reading the same books over and over to my little boy (we have hundreds but still) and I wanted to get some ideas down for my own children’s stories, with their help of course! Luckily for me the remarkably talented illustrator Sam Renocks was up for collaborating on a picture book. That book is now finished and we’re gearing up to pitch it in the hope of seeing it published. We have lots of ideas, so this could be just the start.

Sam’s sense of humour fills every page, every illustration, and there are lots of little details in the images that will keep the experience fresh for children (and their parents!). It has been such a fun project and Sam and I look forward to sharing it with you all soon. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak to show you what flights of imagination you can expect.

With best wishes,

Giles and Sam.

BINT-Raven copy.jpg
Giles Kristian