I’m excited to reveal that I’ve been working with Encurio on the forthcoming game, VALNIR ROK. Encurio brought me on board as the game’s narrative designer. My job was to write much of the in-game text and dialogue, but more than this, to establish the story upon which the gameplay is based. World building, in other words. This included writing a creation myth for the world of Valnir, along with my co-writer Philip Stevens, and also writing many of the quests which the player may or may not choose to undertake.

Survivor of the Storm

Last night’s storm seems a distant memory. Your struggle to live seems like a dream. And yet, the broken timbers of your doomed ship and the pale corpses lying in the surf are real enough. A cold reminder beneath this blazing sun.

You notice that some of the dead were not killed by the sea. Some have arrows sprouting from their flesh. Others have been butchered by sharp steel. How are you still breathing? And what place is this?

A cool shadow engulfs you and you look up to see a great winged creature swoop overhead, beating its wings into the north. Is this the afterlife? Your terrible thirst and aching belly tells you no. You must find what you need to survive. Perhaps there is a settlement nearby. You will find food there. But if you meet a stranger, will he help you? Or will you wish you had not lost your sword to the sea?

VALNIR ROK is an online open world survival roleplaying game inspired by Norse mythology. One of the largest online role-playing games ever produced in Germany, Valnir Rok is also the first survival game worldwide with a storyline and quests which combine the RPG and survival genres.

Stranded on Valnir Island, a land of wild animals, mythical beasts and violent men, you must do whatever it takes to survive. Fight for your life, build a dwelling, join a clan or even establish a great city. Become a warlord, work as a craftsman, earn money by hunting or trading, learn to heal injuries or live as a hermit. Decide on your way of life, choose a profession and live the virtual life you desire.

However, be aware of the consequences. Every action has an effect. Don’t put your relationship with the gods or factions at risk without good reason. The gods are watching you and their favour is important.

How you live is up to you. Will you make a name for yourself? Will you become infamous. Before all this, though, you will need to survive.

Writing on this game has been a fascinating experience. I get a thrill from working at what might seem polar opposite ends of storytelling technology. At the one extreme the novel, a thing of printed paper and ink. At the other, the video game, a virtual construction of seemingly infinite complexity. And yet both are all about storytelling, and that’s what I love.

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